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Our Software

​CSSP develop our own software products and can therefore create and adapt the products to changing markets and requirements. All products can be tailored to suit if required.

Ripac is a totally integrated system for the construction industry providing estimating, cost planning, bill preparation and contract administration, using one database from feasibility to final account​.


DM allows measurement direct from electronic drawings into RIPAC, from DXF drawing files, or from PDF or BMP, JPG image files.  Digital Measurement opens the drawing on screen and permits measurement direct, using intuitive and high quality tools.


A modern, innovative, database driven software application, specifically designed to meet the needs of estimators, QSs, cost engineers, construction and engineering contractors, suppliers, and other professionals to manage the simplest or the most sophisticated measurement and pricing objectives​.


The Digital Measurement facility allows quick and easy take-off from PDF and CAD and BIM files, with a direct link to the Eclipse dimensions.


The EES system comes complete with a range of facilities including Cost Planning, Cost Modelling, Measurement Estimating, Price Databases and Carbon Accounting and Modelling EES is for the engineering sector, particularly within the Water Industry.

Libraries  & Databases

CSSP also have additional tools for Library creation, Electronic Tendering and also offer bespoke software development.​  In addition various Price databases and Phraseology Libraries are available.

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