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Eclipse is a modern, highly flexible software tool specifically designed to meet the needs of cost estimators, quantity surveyors, cost engineers, construction and engineering contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, and other professionals to manage both the simplest and the most sophisticated measurement/pricing objectives. Eclipse has been developed based on our successful Everest and RIPAC estimating products. It reduces manual and repetitive tasks and increases the efficiency, quality, productivity, and therefore the profitability of the users whatever their size, scope, and area of operation.

An exciting new module of Eclipse includes a built-in Digital Measurement tool for measuring directly from PDF, IFC and DWF drawings and various image file formats, with a direct and interactive interface to the dimensions. The DWF support of Revit files for BIM allows fast data extraction from models for automated interfacing with Dimensions.

A suite of unique and superior features which significantly differentiates itself from other products and is competitively priced:

  • Parameter Based Data Structure

  • Worksheets

  • Rate Management

  • Phraseology – Description Builder

  • Business Intelligence

  • Reporting

  • Digital Measurement

  • Workflow

  • Ultimate Data Safety

  • Multi-User

  • Extensible Business Solutions

  • Security

  • Usability

  • Future Proof

Estimating / Measuring
  • Genuine multi-user capabilities. Enables all concurrent users to simultaneously work on the same job, thereby eliminating the need to merge separately completed sections.

  • Digital Measurement available for PDF, 2-D CAD, and BIM data formats utilising seamless integration.

  • Descriptions can be entered directly as free text, selected from an imported library, or from previously created descriptions in a different scope.

  • Standard units are available and new ones can be set up by the user. Units control the characteristics of dimension input and report output.

  • Quantities can be directly entered against a description or built-up using a dimension input table which allows direct entry of mathematical calculations, access to user defined formulae, and steel section weight and area factor tables.

  • Security provides specific access permissions to users and user groups.

  • All transactions are recorded and can be searched through an audit process which identifies "when", "who", and "what" details.


Extra Measurement Features
  • Functionality can be extended with additional user defined input and output columns. This powerful feature allows users to replicate, within a secure database, most requirements currently handled by spreadsheets.

  • Spreadsheet like "Cell Referencing" and formulae.

  • The "View" feature allows the user to control the selection and display of stored data which facilitates their ability to input, edit, copy, analyse, and report on the data.


  • Multiple sets of Standard Rates, priced or unpriced, can be created or imported into Eclipse. The rates are identified by user created codes, descriptions, budget categories, resource categories, and price units.

  • Rates can be directly entered against descriptions or built-up using standard rates, linked standard rates, rogue rates, or any combination of these.

  • If required, the rate's Price Unit (E.g. 1000s - Brick Supply) can be converted to the item's measurement unit (E.g. M2 - 110mm Brick Wall).

  • Entering a purchase rate calculates the unit rate. Waste and discount allowances can be applied. The sum of all rates will resolve to the descriptions rate and price. Price override facilities are also available.

  • Reports by budget or resource category can be automatically generated and data exported to other job costing systems enable the generation of project budgets.

  • Users can create their own price adjusters (mark ups) to apply allowances for margins, site allowances, increased costs, risk, contingencies, etc. with simple or compounding effects and can choose to spread the effects through the existing rates or show as separately identified sums.

  • Price changes at the late tender submission stage are immediately calculated and the amended reports become available. All changes to the submission can be tracked through the audit trail feature.

  • User's standard preliminaries can be automatically incorporated for estimation purpose.

Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Comprehensive cut, copy, move, and paste features are provided within and between modules such as libraries, templates, projects, and jobs.

  • Developed natively for Windows 7+ in both 32-bit and 64-bit. It uses cutting edge Microsoft technologies such as .NET and SQL Server 2012 Database (Express Edition for free commercial use). Supports Microsoft Windows based tablets.

  • Modern user interface design consistent with the Microsoft Office suite providing features such as the Ribbon Bar, undo/redo, wizards, online help, formatting, navigation, auto-save, and spell check.

  • Measured data can be exported in 6 different formats; PDF, XLS, RTF, TIFF, CSV, and EBQ.

  • Data from other systems can be imported.


ECLIPSE Digital Measurement
  • Take-off quantities quickly and easily direct from PDF, CAD and BIM file formats live linked with the EclipseCS Worksheet

  • Highly intuitive and modern interface makes measuring from electronic drawings easy

  • Suited for the most basic of take-off requirements to the most complex

  • Work on and display multiple drawings at the same time

  • Mark-up measurements in any colour when done to categorise

  • Control what you see by turning drawing layers on or off

  • Take advantage of CAD file formats without the need for CAD software. Different measurement modes speed up the take-off process e.g. automatically capture the floor areas or the number of doors on a drawing

  • Mark-up drawings with your own notes ready for printing

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