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Cloud Based Backup & Data Recovery

CSSP is now offering a cloud based backup solution for all CSSP software applications, data and other business related data. Routine backups are a critical component in successful business data retention. If you do not have any backups or if your backups are not adequate, contact CSSP for advice on acquiring a suitable backup plan!


This backup solution can be used from office networks, cloud based servers and laptops. The cloud based backups meet all UK GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements. CSSP do receive daily summaries of all backups, these are checked on a daily basis and you will be alerted directly and via CSSP of any failures or faults with any of your backups.

CSSP have purchased a large portion of data storage capacity that can be securely partitioned into smaller storage amounts with plans starting from £10 per month:

  • There will be a minimum of thirty days of restore points (up to sixty days)

  • Multiple SQL databases can be backed up

  • Backups routinely run once a day and can be scheduled for specific times of day if required

  • Users can choose what they want backed up, as an example: data and drawings (backing up the CSSP application is not considered necessary)

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