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Estimating and Cost Modelling  for the Water and Electricity industries

EES was originally produced to meet a specification produced by one of the largest water companies in the UK to develop an Estimating and Cost Modelling tool. It has been adopted by various other organisations in the Water and Electricity industries with every user contributing valuable functionality.

The EES system comes complete with a range of facilities including:

  • Cost Planning

  • Cost Modelling

  • Measurement Estimating

  • Price Databases

  • Carbon Accounting and Modelling

Today’s need to produce quick, accurate estimates based upon reliable data, using known statistical formulae or detailed cost build-ups, make EES an essential tool for your estimating and modelling teams.

With the addition of functionality to store and estimate/model on Carbon data alongside Capital costing information, EES continues to be at the forefront of providing business functionality to the utility businesses.

EES provides improved quality of estimating at all levels for both Capital costs and Carbon costs, with a central database of project data, for analysis, estimating and reporting.


Functionality includes:

· Comprehensive project register for consistent data structure.

· Multiple project versions for cost comparison and keeping historical versions for auditing.

· User defined data labelling at Project, Process and Elemental Cost Plan levels.

· Ability to spread on-costs and account for partial work for future comparison (also referred to as 100%ing).

· Depreciation and tax analysis.

· Price databases of standard items, standard rates, and rate/item build-ups.

· Resource reporting for labour, plant and materials
(if project data is captured at this level).

· Tender analysis across price databases.

· Time saving tools for maintenance, editing, copying Projects and Processes etc.

· User defined bespoke facilities are available to meet any requirements.

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