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Core Business

The Company focuses on designing, installing and supporting efficient and creative information and cost management systems for all aspects of the Construction Industry.  Established in 1983, CSSP have successfully provided computerised solutions for Quantity Surveyors/Cost Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Project Managers and Construction Clients.​


CSSP UK have their main office in Bromley, Kent with a regional office in Manchester and also an overseas office in Australia.


​CSSP is committed to the Construction and Allied industries, and to supplying quality products and services. Whatever the size and scope your business, CSSP has innovative products to streamline your procedures.

Innovation and expertise

​CSSP has produced systems which were initially widely adopted by Quantity Surveyors, Engineers and Project Managers, but over the years the client base has developed to include the whole breadth of the industry. To ensure its products meet the diverse needs of the industry, CSSP employ a team of construction professionals and computer programmers who have specific experience and expertise in these industries.

Today CSSP leads the world with its philosophy of total integration of construction information management.


CSSP welcome the input from its user base in order to monitor and respond to the ever-changing requirements/role of the Quantity Surveyor and Engineer and the adoption of new procurement methods. The interaction between CSSP and its users has resulted in numerous co-development initiatives, the resultant benefits of which are passed on to all users as part of their software support contract.

CSSP are committed to providing quality software operating on the leading edge of technology development, this is illustrated by the web-enabled development already under way on the internet platform with open database options.


CSSP have a multi-talented team of Quantity Surveyors, IT technicians and Programmers, developing in the UK and Australia.  All of our offices are self-contained and offer sales, support and training services.

Regulations and Procedures

CSSP have policies in place as per current regulations. These can be obtained by contacting CSSP directly or a selection of these are available below by clicking on the relevant document.

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