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Digital Measurement

RIPAC Digital Measurement is a fully integrated module allowing for interactive measurements linked to RIPAC or as a standalone product.


  • Take-off quantities quickly and easily direct from standard PDF, Vector PDF, CAD and BIM file formats live linked with the RIPAC CAD Schedule

  • Highly intuitive and modern interface makes measuring from electronic drawings easy

  • Suited for the most basic of take-off requirements to the most complex

  • Work on and display multiple drawings at the same time

  • Mark-up measurements in any colour when done to categorise

  • Control what you see by turning drawing layers on or off

  • Take advantage of CAD file formats without the need for CAD software. Different measurement modes speed up the take-off process e.g. automatically capture the floor areas or the number of doors on a drawing

  • Mark-up drawings with your own notes ready for printing



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