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RIPAC is a totally integrated system for the construction industry providing estimating, cost planning, bill preparation and contract administration, using one database from feasibility to final account. Having been developed over twenty-five years, RIPAC is now established as the leading system for bill preparation and contract administration, with users among major client bodies, local authorities, consulting engineers and quantity surveying practices.


Developed initially by a quantity surveying practice, to computerise the administration of building contracts using SMM6, SMM7 or other methods of measurement, RIPAC will improve the speed and accuracy with which the following are performed:


  • Bill Preparation

  • Digitising using tablet or imported images

  • Take-off on screen from standard PDF, Vector PDF, CAD drawings or graphic images using our Digital Measurement tool

  • Capable of linking with external systems, e.g. Excel

  • Electronic Tendering

  • Tender appraisal

  • Term Contract

  • Cash Flow

  • Export to Data Warehouse for Crystal Reports / Excel, HTML/XML.

  • Variations

  • Re-measurement

  • Interim Payments

  • Cost reporting

  • Final accounts

RIPAC Pre Contract

The Ripac Pre Contract module provides for measurement, bill production, pre-tender estimates and tender analysis. Work orders and term contract administration are included.


  • Wizard to set up new projects.

  • Descriptions built from library phraseologies.

  • Estimate or Bill items may be generated automatically from CAD data or other schedule data such as spreadsheets using the INTERFACE Module.

  • Import bills of quantities from other systems.

  • Dimensions and quantities can be directly obtained via a digitiser tablet, CAD model, or any other image.

  • Copy and paste dimensions from spreadsheets.

  • Items may be entered via the measurement screen or by using the Quick Item Entry facility that allows rapid entry and/or amendment of items and dimensions.

  • Rogue items easily created at all levels and can be stored on project or standard libraries.

  • Copy items selectively from previous projects, whole or in part, and also from standard bills.

  • Context sensitive display of Measurement Rules on screen.

  • View or print dimensions selectively in user defined sequence.

  • Streamlined dimension input routines for data capture including global and local side casts (or user may enter quantities manually).

  • Automatic weighting of steel and reinforcement.

  • Room data sheets for automatically calculating floor, wall and ceiling areas together with the skirting length.

  • Simpson's and Prismoidal (Trapezoidal) rules for calculating areas and volumes.

  • Time saving features to locate and reuse descriptions and dimensions.

  • Records carry user initials, date stamp and audit trail with two level security for editing.

  • Various options for sign posts and data labels.

  • Question lists and drawing registers.

  • Preliminaries, preambles and specification clauses.

  • More than one method of measurement may be used within one project e.g. CESMM3 and SMM7.



  • On screen editing of headings, descriptions and quantities.

  • Point and click to resequence rogue descriptions.

  • Spellchecker for easy correction of spelling errors.



  • User defined layout of bill pages.

  • Alternative bills by Part Group, Part, Sub Part, Element, Trade, Sub Contract, Work Breakdown or Location Breakdown.

  • Draft or final bills.

  • Electronic output to Word and Excel and also as a pdf file.



  • Estimated and tendered rates.

  • PC and Provisional Sums.

  • Full CITE accreditation for electronic tendering and rate import.

  • Electronic tendering using Excel.

  • Priced bills and documentation.

  • Tender appraisal including arithmetic check, comparisons and sensitivity analysis.

  • Payment classification, multiple client splits.

  • Cost statistics.

  • Elemental analysis.

Term Contracts

  • Work orders from schedule of rates (with or without quantities).

  • Option of banded rates.

  • Flexible work order layout.

  • Stores multiple sets of rates.

  • Permits appointment of multiple contractors and advises the most cost-effective award for each work order.

  • Powerful selection and filter process.

  • Electronic transfer.

  • Percentage uplifts.


Non-standard reporting

  • User requested and defined reports through a simple report generator.

  • High quality reports are also available from the built-in REPORTER facility with complex content and format direct from the RIPAC database. This methodology allows for graphics, colour and inclusion of images.

Libraries of Descriptions

  • SMM7

  • NRM2

  • CESMM3 and CESMM4

  • MMHW

  • ARM3 and ARM4


  • POMI

Price Databases

  • Wessex / SMM7

RIPAC Post Contract

The Post-contract module takes your existing Pre-Contract project into the next phase of the construction contract allowing for:


  • Re-measurement, if required.

  • Valuations by %, quantity, amount or milestone.

  • Nominated sub-contractors and suppliers.

  • Dayworks.

  • Materials on site.

  • Variations/instructions register.

  • Payment certificates.

  • Automatic retention calculation.

  • Claims.

  • NEDO and Baxter Formula fluctuations.

  • Commitment statement and cost reporting.

  • Final accounts

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