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Libraries and Databases

In addition to the main products, CSSP also offers some additional tools and databases.



The BRIDGE Interface module of RIPAC provides another means of electronic tendering, which eliminates the need for users to key in rates from numerous contractors before tender analysis can be performed by computer. This module allows users to export a reduced set of information from a project database to send to tendering contractors.

The BRIDGE application is available for download free of charge from the CSSP website and enables contractors to see the bill of quantities, enter rates and print a priced bill. The contractor cannot change the descriptions or the quantities. Contractors return the priced database folder so that the RIPAC user can import the rates into the original version of the database.   


To download the latest Bridge Tendering Application, contact CSSP.

Price Databases

  • Wessex

  • Hutchins

  • CESMM3

  • Luckins

  • SMM7


  • SMM6, SMM7 and SMMBW

  • POMI

  • ARM

  • MMHW

  • CESMM3 and CESMM4

  • NRM2

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