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Innovative Construction Solutions

CSSP is committed to providing quality software applications and services to the construction and allied industries. Whatever the size and scope of your business, CSSP has innovative solutions to streamline your estimating and cost control procedures.

RIPAC is a totally integrated system for the Construction industry providing Estimating, Cost Planning, Bill Preparation and Contract Administration, using one database from feasibility to final account. RIPAC interfaces with (DM) Digital Measurement for direct measurement from CAD drawings, BIM, PDF and 2D.

A modern, innovative, database driven software application, specifically designed to meet the needs of Estimators, Quantity Surveyor's, Cost Engineers, Construction and Engineering Contractors, Suppliers and other professionals to manage the simplest or the most sophisticated measurement and pricing objectives.​

The EES system comes complete with a range of facilities including Cost Planning, Cost Modelling, Measurement Estimating, Price Databases and Carbon Accounting and Modelling. EES is for the engineering sector, particularly within the Water Industry.


Comprehensive Security options are available for access and limitation of functionality by user defined privileges.

CSSP is now offering a cloud based backup solution for all CSSP software applications, data and other business related data.

Supported Platforms

Various platforms are supported including 32bit and 64bit server environments. Plus Windows 7, 8 and 10 workstations.


Please feel free to contact CSSP for a comprehensive list of supported platforms and databases.

Cloud Computing

All CSSP products can be used on standalone workstations or network via LAN, WAN or Citrix based solutions.


Any number of users can be supported using full multi-user locking.

The Right IT Solutions

CSSP Products are supported in the UK and Australia . Telephone and E Mail Support are offered together with remote access to assist with any technical requirements or training.

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